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A Meeting of Two Worlds.

A new science fiction novel by Gordon Abbo.

Gordon AbboGordon E. Abbo, MD, science fiction author and retired psychiatrist, will take you on an interstellar journey to the second planet of the Tau Ceti system in his new novel, A Meeting of Two Worlds. It is the first of a series of books about the relationships between humans and a peaceful alien race of reptilian humanoids, called Reptons, from Tau Ceti 2.

In the first book of the series, stargazer George Abooli encounters a Repton starship and travels to Tau Ceti 2 where he is awed by their nearly-utopian society, which he sees as an example for humans to follow. George returns to Earth to prepare for formal contact between the two worlds. But with the threat of war from a new Middle East dictator, the Reptons become America's allies in the War on Terror.

In the second book, A New Beginning, a group of humans deal with the challenges of establishing a colony on Tau Ceti 2. Some of them return to Earth only to face a major catastrophe.

In the third book, A Galactic Odyssey, an integrated starship crew of humans and Reptons get stranded at the other end of the galaxy and try to make their way back home.

Gordon takes a different approach where extraterrestrials are depicted as mostly peaceful and friendly, instead of hostile enemies. Inspired by Star Trek, he injects a psychosocial approach, plus a dash of cosmic spirituality, into his sci-fi writing that provides an important message relevant to our society.

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A Meeting of Two Worlds

A Meeting of Two Worlds.
By Gordon E. Abbo




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